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Managing your Mobile App Settings

Your mobile app settings are home to a few elements of that app that help you configure and troubleshoot your GoSpotCheck mobile experience.

To access your Mobile Settings, tap Settings in the Navigation Bar. settings_in_menu_bar.jpeg

The Settings page is divided into four main sections:


    Bluetooth Devices:
    Pair supported Bluetooth Devices to the GoSpotCheck Mobile App

    Enable Beta Features:
    Preview and test the latest User Experience features and enhancements before they officially launch

    Offline Mode: When you have no internet connectivity, the GoSpotCheck mobile app automatically switches to offline mode. However, you can use manually switch GoSpotCheck into offline mode by toggling this setting. Helpful in locations with very weak internet connectivity.

    Push Notifications: The GoSpotCheck Mobile can alert you when there is work to be done at the places you visit. Use this toggle to turn on or off in-app notifications. Learn more about Notifications HERE.
    Your lifeline when you need a hand, the Get Help section connects you with GoSpotCheck Mobile Help Resources. This includes Phone, Text & Email access to our Support Team, or for self-service help, a link to our Mobile App Help Center. More on the Get Help Section
  3. ABOUT
    Review GoSpotCheck's Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and your current Mobile app Version ID in the About section.
    Tap the Sign Out button to log out of the GoSpotCheck app. Most users do not find it necessary to log-out of the app after a session, but we do often recommend this action as part of several troubleshooting techniques. More on signing out HERE.
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