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Beta Program FAQs

Thanks for your interest in our Mobile Beta Program. Here are a few answers to questions we hear frequently from our trusted beta testers:

Who can opt-in to the Beta Program?

Any current GoSpotCheck Mobile App user running the latest version of the application is eligible to opt-in to the Beta Program.


Which versions of the mobile applications support the Beta Program?

iOS and Android users running GoSpotCheck version 5.2 or later are able to opt-in to the Beta Program in their Mobile Settings tab


How do you opt-out of the Beta Program for Mobile?

To opt out of the Beta Program and revert back to the current GoSpotCheck user experience, deselect the Enable Beta Features slider in the Settings menu.


How will I know what’s new in the Beta Program?

We highlight updates and changes within the Beta environment inside the mobile app through pop-ups and tool-tips. 


Do Missions completed in one environment transfer over to the other? (i.e. I’m not going to lose any work, am I?)

Rest assured, there is no difference in Missions submitted in the Beta environment vs the current UI! If the Beta Program introduces a different path to access the features users are familiar with, it will be called out; however, all major GoSpotCheck functions/objects behave as they always have.


Is it possible for admins to manually opt their mobile workforces into the beta environment? 

The Beta environment is intended to showcase the latest GoSpotCheck user experience changes before they go live to the general public. Things can change quickly as we iterate the design based on user feedback, and for that reason, we feel it's important that each user agrees to experience the Beta environment individually. This more intentional opt-in philosophy also ensures that users understand how to  opt-out of the beta environment, should they so choose. 

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