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Disable a Place Group



When you no longer need to deploy a Mission to a particular Place Group you can disable the Place Group.


  • Once a Place Group is disabled, you can no longer deploy missions to it.
  • If the Place Group is part of a currently started Mission, users will not be able to access Places that are in the Place Group in the Mobile App.
  • Any Alerts you've created that are associated with the Place Group will become inactive.
    Mission data associated with the Place Group will be preserved.
  • If a Place has been disabled in error or needs to be re-enabled, you can enable a place and make it active again.

Disable a Place Group

  1. Select Places from the main navigation bar. Then select Place Groups.
  2. Select the Place Group that you want to disable.
  3. Click on the Actions drop-down and click Disable place group.Screen_Shot_2019-04-11_at_2.37.16_PM.png
  4. You will receive a notification that the Place Group was successfully disabled. Screen_Shot_2019-04-11_at_2.40.51_PM.png
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