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GoSpotCheck Beta Program


What is the GoSpotCheck Beta Program?

The GoSpotCheck Beta Program is an opportunity for our customers to get a firsthand look at upcoming features or enhancements to the platform before they are launched publicly. We call them “Beta” features because they are not quite ready for primetime (in other words, our engineering teams are still working on them), but we hope that by sharing them with you a bit early, we’ll be able to capture some your early feedback on what’s working and more importantly, what’s NOT working!

What Features are Currently in Beta?

You can learn more about the features that are currently in Beta by checking out our What's New In Beta article for each platform.

How Do I Enroll in the Beta Program?

We’re glad you’re interested in joining our Beta Program! There are a couple ways you can get started as a Beta tester with GoSpotCheck, depending on the platform: 

MOBILE APP (iOS or Android)


  1. In the tabbed navigation bar, tap Settings
  2. Toggle the Enable beta features slider

Congrats! You’re now using the Beta version of the GoSpotCheck Mobile App. In this environment, we will be previewing and testing the latest User Experience features and enhancements before they officially launch.

If, at any point, you change your mind, you can return to the settings and toggle the Enable beta features slider off.



We’re constantly exploring ways we could improve the web dashboard to make it faster, easier to use and more performant. If you’re interested in enrolling in our Beta Program for the Web Dashboard to get a first look at these enhancements before they are released publicly, please let your CSM know.  


What to Expect when Using Beta Features

There are few things to keep in mind when using beta features:

  • When a feature is in beta it is constantly evolving, but we will make sure that you are aware of any tweaks that we make throughout the process.
  • It’s possible that you may encounter a few snags or bugs while exploring the new functionality. While our team is confident in the existing code, please be mindful that there may be a couple of bumps along the way. Should you encounter one, please let us know! 

How to Share Feedback

The reason we launch a new feature to Beta is to capture customer feedback on the functionality. Does it meet your needs? Does it behave the way you expect? Did you run into any issues or bugs? What feedback do you have about the user experience or design? It's a great opportunity to have a hand in shaping the GoSpotCheck experience for yourself and other users.

Often times, we'll ask for feedback throughout the Beta Program via in-app messages or forms, but know that you can always contact our Support Team to share your experience.

To learn more about our Mobile Beta Program, check out our Beta Program Frequently Asked Questions article


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