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Edit or Delete a Team

After you have created a team, you can always edit or delete the team from the main Teams page by clicking on the relative icon on the righthand side of the teams row.

Edit a Team

To Edit a Team, navigate to People > Teams and click the Edit Button next to the team you wish to modify. Alternatively, from the All Teams page, click on the Team name and then click the Edit button in the top left corner of the Team's Profile page.

From this page, you can update the Team's Name, and add users to or remove them from the Team. Users who are currently on the Team are highlighted in green and have a blue checkmark next to their name. 

  • To add new users to the team, click the checkbox next to their name. The row will highlight in green.
  • To remove users from the team, deselect the checkbox next to their name. The row's highlighting is removed. 


When finished editing Team members, click the blue Save button in the upper left corner. Or to abandon your changes, click Cancel.

Note: Users with an Activation status of Disabled do not appear as members of any Team, nor are they available to add to a Team using the steps above. 


Delete a Team

Deleting a team will not delete the people associated with that team, just the Team itself.

Deleting a team can cause disruption to active missions, GoSpotCheck Insights, and filtering. Please review the following implications of deleting a team to ensure it is the best action for your use of GoSpotCheck. 

  • If the team is currently associated with any active missions, those missions will no longer be deployed to the users that are a part of that team.
  • If your company uses GoSpotCheck Insights, please consult with your customer success manager before deleting a team that contains missions linked to GoSpotCheck Insights.
  • When a team is deleted, a company Admin no longer has the ability to filter that team when reviewing the Reporting Overview for a specific mission.

To delete a team, follow these steps: 

  1. From the main navigation bar, select People.
  2. Select Teams.
  3. Locate the Team you want to delete, then select the Delete button that corresponds with that team.

  4. If you want to proceed to delete the team, click Yes, Delete

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