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Guest User Login

Did you receive a promo code to use for GoSpotCheck?  In this article, we will cover how to login as a guest user!  In order to follow the steps below, please make sure that you have followed the steps to Download the App first.

Initial Login as a Guest User

1. The first time that you launch the GoSpotCheck app, you will see the sign-in page.  Tap 'Guest user?' on the bottom of the sign-in page.


2. On the next page, enter your email address (in most cases, this will be your company/work email address).  In the PIN field, enter your promo code, then tap 'Sign In.'


3. After entering a valid promo code, you will see a box that says, 'Great, we added you!'  Tap OK on this box, you will be re-directed to the sign-in screen.


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