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Android Cellular Data Usage

Data usage is linked almost directly to the number of pictures a user submits with their GoSpotCheck missions. The average data plan for phones is 2GB per month, and we estimate that the average GoSpotCheck user would use around 2.2% – 11% of this monthly plan with GoSpotCheck. Check out our calculations below to see where these numbers came from:

GoSpotCheck compresses each photo you take in the app to 300k.

Low estimate data usage: 1 photo/mission, 5 missions/day

  • Data per day: 1,500k or 1.46MB
  • Data per month (31 days per month): 45.4MB
  • Monthly usage: 2.2% of a 2GB data plan

High estimate data usage: 5 photos/mission, 5 missions/day

  • Data per day: 7,500k or 7.32MB
  • Data per month (31 days per month): 227MB
  • Monthly usage: 11% of a 2GB data plan


How to view GoSpotCheck's data usage:
  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Data Usage
  3. Tap GoSpotCheck




Additional Tips for Managing Data Usage


Connect to WiFi when Possible

The best way to minimize your data usage is to connect to WiFi whenever possible. When your device is on a WiFi network, it is not using cellular data.

How-to: Tap Settings > WiFi > Ensure the button on the righthand side is "ON" > Select Network > Enter password if necessary.


Set a Data Usage Limit & Alert

Check with your cellular provider as to what your current data plan is and when your billing cycle starts and ends each month. You can then manually set a warning to alert you when you're approaching that limit.

How-to: Settings > Data Usage > Tap "Limit mobile data usage" and "Alert me about data usage"


Restrict Background Data

By restricting background data, your apps will not load when they are not in use. They may take a few extra second to load when you do open them again. This may affect email syncing, feeds updating, real-time weather updates, etc.

How-to: Settings > Display > Tap 'Auto' to enable Auto Brightness
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