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CSV Upload Errors

When attempting to add or update multiple users at a time, it is possible that you run into some errors with the CSV file. GoSpotCheck will send you an email to help identify and correct the errors for you to attempt your batch upload again.

Review your CSV Upload Errors

From the error email, click on View Upload Details. You will be directed to the CSV Upload confirmation screen where you can export the errors to a CSV file. 

Once you've reached the Downloads page, Download the CSV file. 

The file will open within Excel and will have a column named, "error_message." This column will display the error that prevented the person from being uploaded correctly. 

In order to make changes to the original file, you can download your original import file and modify the records that did not upload. 

Repeat the upload process to ensure the erred records are correctly uploaded. 

Click on the People tab to verify the new people have been added. 

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