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Editing a Mission Response

There are a number of reasons why a GoSpotCheck Mission Response might need to be edited after it's  been submitted.  For example, a user might have:

  • Clicked into the wrong place in his place list and submitted a response for the wrong store
  • Found additional relevant data to report after finalizing and submitting her original response
  • Accidentally submitted a duplicate Mission Response

While users cannot edit their own Mission Responses, Company Admins and anyone with a Role that includes the Edit Mission Responses permission have the ability to edit or delete mission responses in the GoSpotCheck Web Dashboard.  


Editing a Submitted Mission Response

First, find the Mission Response in need of adjustment (Missions > Mission Responses), then click Edit.


Alternatively, click into an individual mission response to view the Mission Response contents and then click the Edit button.


 You'll be taken to the Mission Response editing interface. Here you can:

  1. Change the Place where this Mission was submitted 
  2. Update any task response value
  3. Delete the Mission Response: (⚠️ Careful - Deleting a Mission Response is permanent! ⚠️)


You are unable to modify the user who submitted the Mission Response nor the timestamps associated with the Mission (Started At, Completed At, etc).

Once all changes have been made, click Save in the top left corner.

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