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Complete a Mission Response

So, you made it to the Place Details page and you've identified the Mission you'd like to complete. Here's a quick overview of how to capture data and submit a Mission Response using the GoSpotCheck Mobile App:

Start & Submit a new Mission Response

  1. From the Place Details page, tap the Mission you would like to complete 
  2. Tap Start Mission
  3. Complete required tasks 
  4. Tap Submit
    1. Tap Yes to confirm
Keep In Mind 
  • Missions may include groups of tasks organized into Sections. Tasks and Sections may be completed in any order.
  • A single mobile user may not concurrently open two copies of the same Mission at the same Place. 

Completing Individual Tasks

Each task is rendered differently in the mobile application, depending on the type of task it is. For more information on how individual task type look and behave in the mobile application, click HERE.

Required vs. Optional Tasks

In order to submit a Mission, all required tasks must be completed. Required tasks are those within the Mission that do not have the word "Optional" italicized beneath the task title. 

Screenshot_20200805-124934.pngIn the example above, the first task is required, while the second task is optional

Status Bar

You can monitor your progress toward completing all required tasks in the status bar, which is anchored to the top of the screen. The status bar counts the number of required tasks you've completed vs. the total number of required tasks. When the numerator and denominator match, the toolbar turns green and the Submit button illuminates. 


Note: The total number of required tasks displayed in the status may increase or decrease, depending on your responses to tasks that trigger new required conditional tasks to appear.
Tip: To quickly scroll the next unanswered required task in your Mission, click the orange arrows on the top right of the toolbar.


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