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Complete a Mission Response



Select a Mission

Complete individual tasks

Submit a mission response

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This article outlines the steps to complete a mission response in the GoSpotCheck mobile application.

Select a Mission

There are two ways to select a Mission in the GSC mobile app: 

  1. On the mobile homepage, click on Available missions to be taken to a list of all Missions currently available. Click on any Mission name to be taken to a list of places where that Mission is available. Select a place.available_missions.pngselect_place.png
  2. From the homepage, select Places from the bottom navigation options in the mobile app. Select a place and then choose from the list of Missions available at that place. select_place.pngchosoe_mission.png
  3. After selecting a Mission from either the homepage or the places tab, a preview of the Mission will appear. Click Start Mission at the bottom of the page. start_mission.png

Keep In Mind 

  • Missions may include groups of tasks organized into Sections. Tasks and Sections may be completed in any order.

Complete individual tasks

Each task type is rendered differently in the mobile application. For more information on individual task types, click here.

In order to submit a Mission, all required tasks must be completed. Required tasks are those within the Mission that do not have the word "Optional" italicized beneath the task title. 


You can monitor your progress toward completing all required tasks in the status bar. The status bar counts the number of required tasks completed vs. the total number of required tasks. When all required tasks have been completed, the toolbar turns green and the mission response can be submitted.


Note: The total number of required tasks displayed in the status may increase or decrease, depending on your responses to tasks that trigger new required conditional tasks to appear.

Tip: To quickly scroll the next unanswered required task in your Mission, click the orange arrows on the top right of the toolbar.


Submit a response

Once responses have been captured for all required tasks, click Submit in the bottom right-hand corner of the mobile application. A popup will appear to confirm your decision to submit the response.



Review your activity

To review mission responses that have been submitted or are in progress, click Activity located on the mobile app's bottom navigation.

Each mission response will include a status. The various statuses include:

  • Submitted: Responses that were submitted successfully will say SUBMITTED in green. 
  • In Progress: Responses were started but have not yet been completed will say IN PROGRESS in black. 
  • Waiting to Upload: Responses that were submitted but have not yet been uploaded due to connectivity issues will say WAITING TO UPLOAD ... 
  • Upload in Progress: Mission responses that include photo and signature tasks will receive an UPLOAD IN PROGRESS status until all photos have been successfully uploaded. This also includes a count of the total images that have been uploaded vs the total images submitted. The mission will move into a submitted status once all images have completed uploading. 

Note: In-Progress Mission Responses and Missions that have not yet submitted will still expire 10 days from the date the Response was originally started, and the expiration date is indicated next to the IN PROGRESS label

Refresh your activity

If you have mission responses with a 'waiting to upload' status on your activity page, you can pull down on the page when you have better connectivity to restart the mission response sync. 



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