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Reset Your Password

Whether you've forgotten your password or need to reset it for another reason, resetting your password is a quick fix. 

To reset your password

  1. Log in with your email address. Tap 'Forgot Password?'
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account and tap Send Me Instructions.  You will receive a Set Your Password email that contains a special confirmation link, tap on the link and follow the instructions in email to reset your password. 
  3. After tapping the link, enter the password you'd like to use, passwords must be at least 8-characters. The 'Set Password' button will not be enabled unless this criteria is met. If the passwords do not match, you will be prompted with a dialog box with more detail.

If you are logging in using SSO, you will not be able to reset your password through GoSpotCheck or via GoSpotCheck Support. Because your access info is managed by your company's Identity Provider, you will need to contact an internal company representative (often, your IT department) to complete the password reset process.




  1. The Activation Link in the Verification Email will expire after 72 hours. If the link expires you will receive an "Invalid Confirmation Link" prompt when attempting to log in. Request a new confirmation email.
  2. If your password has extra spaces or is misspelled, you will receive an "Uh oh!" or "Invalid Email or Password" prompt. Check your spelling and spaces and try again. 
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