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Navigating the Mobile App

When you log in to the GoSpotCheck Mobile Application, you'll land on the Places screen. There, you'll find a tool that will help you navigate the rest of the application:

On the top of this page, you'll find: 

  • Company Dropdown: This dropdown menu in the upper lefthand corner of each screen (often featuring your company logo), allows users who are members of multiple GoSpotCheck companies to switch their company environment.
  • Notifications Mailbox:  Click the mailbox icon in the upper right-hand corner to view incoming notifications about new and expiring Missions and Mission Responses.

On the bottom of the page, is the Tabbed Navigation Bar, which allows you quick access to the places within the application that users access most frequently:

  • Places: View the places nearest to you where there is a Mission for you to complete. You’ll land on the Places tab by default upon log-in.
  • Activity: Review your in-progress and previously submitted Mission Responses.
  • MyDashboard*: View Mobile Reporting, if it’s been set up by your company.
  • Anywhere Missions*: Complete Missions and Tasks that do not need to be associated with a specific Place.
  • Settings: Visit Settings to configure your preferences, contact Support, and Log-Out of the app.
NOTE: If your company is not utilizing MyDashboard, this tab will not appear in the navigation bar.
Speak a language other than English? GoSpotCheck is fully localized in the following languages:
  • Spanish
  • French
  • English
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