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Content Sharing

With Content Sharing, admins can quickly share content with their field teams using an InfoURL to a web URL or PDF attached to a Place, Mission or specific task in the GoSpotCheck app. With an online/cellular connection, users in the field can click on the InfoURL to view the content.

Possible use cases include: 

  • Planograms
  • Monthly Planners
  • Photos/Images
  • Product Lists
  • POS/Display Guidelines
  • Compliance Acceptance Criteria
  • More Detailed Mission Instructions
  • Promotions
  • Pricing Guidelines

How do I add Content Sharing to a mission and/or place?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager in order to add an InfoURL to a mission, task and/or place.

Where is the Content located?

For company administrators, the InfoURL can be found in the mission or place info on the Web Dashboard:



InfoURLs are now available on the Task level! Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 

For Mobile App users, the attached InfoURL will be available by clicking the Information icon in the top right of the Place or the Mission.


For Mobile App users, the attached InfoURL will be available by clicking the More Info link that appears under the title of a specific Task within a Mission. 

Place InfoURL 

Mission InfoURL

Task Info URL




What format does my content need to be in?

An InfoURL can be either a link to a URL on the internet OR a PDF document that your Customer Success Manager will host on the internet for the purposes of sharing with your team.

How many InfoURLs can I share?

Each Mission or Place can have one individual InfoURL. If you have multiple pieces of content you want to share with your team, you can join them all together into a single PDF with multiple pages.

If you're interested in mapping certain links to different places/missions, please contact your Customer Success Manager for scoping and pricing for your particular use case.


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