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Edit or Delete a Place Group

Editing a Place Group

To add or remove an individual Place from Place Group, begin by selecting Places from the main navigation bar. Then, select Place Groups

Locate the Place Group you want to edit, then select the Edit button that corresponds to that Place Group.

From the edit page, you can update the name of the group and add or delete places to or from the Place Group.

To update the name of the group, click into the Name field and update the name as desired.

To add a place to the Place Group, click the unchecked box next to a place name.To remove a place from the Place Group, click the checked box next to a place name.

When finished, click Save.

Delete a Place Group

Important: Before deleting a Place Group, you should consider the following:

  • Once a Place Group is deleted, it will no longer be included in missions and you are no longer able to filter for that Place Group in active missions.
  • Alerts for that Place Group will become inactive.
  • Deleting a Place Group that is associated with an active mission will negatively affect that mission's data.

To delete a Place Group, select Places from the main navigation bar. Then select Place Groups.

Locate the Place Group that you wish to delete.

Click the delete button that corresponds to that Place Group. 

A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. To proceed, select Yes, Delete

The Place Group is then removed.


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