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Jobs - Mobile

What are Jobs?

Jobs are a tool to help mobile users know what they should be working on, where, and when. Jobs are specific to a Place, and either have a specific Assignee or can be made available for anyone on the Team to pick up and complete.

You can read more about creating and reviewing Jobs in the Web Admin portal here.

Viewing Jobs

You can view Jobs by tapping on the Mission icon in the bottom navigation, or by tapping on Missions from the home page.

You will see a “Required” tab. This view will show you all the Jobs that have been assigned to you, claimed by you, or made available to any of the Teams you are on.

Note: If a user does not have any Jobs available to them, they will not see the “Required” tab and will only see available Missions. If a user has Jobs assigned to them, claimed by them, or if there are Jobs available for teams the user is a part of, they will see the “Required” tab.


There are several filters available to help you organize how your view Jobs.

Assigned to me:

  • These are all the Jobs that are assigned to you specifically or are Team Jobs you’ve assigned to yourself. If a Job was assigned to you specifically, you are the only person who will see it in the mobile app. See more about Team Jobs below.

Team Jobs:

  • These are all the Jobs that are available to you based on the Team you are on. Everyone on your Team(s) will see this Job until it is assigned to someone. You can assign a Job to yourself. If you start a Job, it will automatically be assigned to you.


  • These are all the Jobs that are available to you (Individually or Team). They have a Start Date that is in the future. You can see what work needs to be done, but you won’t be able to begin the Job until the Start Date. When the Job is available to begin, it will show in the “Assigned to me” or “Team Jobs” filter, depending on its Assignment Type.


  • These are all the Jobs that you are assigned to, or have claimed, where the Due Date has passed.


  • These are all the Jobs you completed.

If you claimed a Team Job, and started it, it will no longer show on any


Team Jobs: Assigning Yourself a Job

You can assign a Team Job to yourself two different ways.

  1. You can start a Team job. The system will automatically assign you to the Job
  2. You can tap the “ … “ on the Job Card. Then you can select “Assign to me.” You will receive confirmation that the Job was assigned to you. The Job will now show on the “Assigned to Me” filtered view, as well.

Jobs_mobile view.PNG


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