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Understanding the "New Places" Place Group

As your users acquire new accounts and add them as New Places on the mobile app, it's important to understand what happens to them once they've been added.

What is the "New Places" Place Group?

Any Place added on the mobile app will automatically be added to a Place Group called New Places. The New Places Place Group can be found in the Dashboard by navigating to Places > Place Groups and searching for New Places.

If you click on a Place in the New Places Place Group, you will be able to see which user added the Place and when it was added on the mobile app.

If you have User Assigned PlacesPlace Groups, and/or Properties associated with Places, you will need to update and assign the Places in the New Places Place Group through the Dashboard. For more on Editing Place Details, click HERE.

Exporting New Places

To begin, select Export when in the New Places Place Group. You will then be provided a link that will direct you to a new window. In the new window, you can now download your CSV file.

Updating Your New Places

Once the CSV has been downloaded, fill in the appropriate information in the blank fields, such as Properties or Place Groups, that will organize the New Places.

When you have entered all appropriate information, you are ready to update the New Places!

If you have CSV Uploads enabled, you can follow the instructions found here in order to complete the update.

If you do not, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they will be happy to assist.

GoSpotCheck is not able to identify duplicate Places without human help, so make sure your users check carefully before adding a new Place to avoid duplicates!



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