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Why is an account not showing up for a user that is currently at that location?

Sometimes you may hear from a user that he is at a location that should have a Mission available but the location is not appearing in the mobile app. The first step is always to make sure that your Mission is Started! If it is Started, then there are a couple things to check to make sure that everything has been set properly for the Mission and Place.

Look up the Place on the Places tab to check the accuracy

Sometimes the location information that was provided when creating a Place can cause the GPS coordinates to be inaccurate. To check this, navigate to the main Places tab and search for the Place with the issue. You may use the Search bar which is located above the list of places, on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once you land on the Place page, look at the map on the right side of the page to see if the pin looks to be in the correct location. You can also check here to make sure that the address is accurate. If the pin seems to be wrong, most likely the address is wrong. To update the address, click "Edit" and update the address. This will automatically update the GPS coordinates.

You can also note the Place Groups that are associated with the Place on this page, which takes us to our next tip...

Make sure the Place is in the Place Group assigned the Mission

There is also a chance that the location is question is not included in the Place Group that has been assigned the Mission. To check which Place Groups were included for the Mission and which Places are in those place groups, click into the Mission from the main Started Missions page. From there, you can click on the Info tab to see the Place Groups assigned to the Mission.

You can then click on the Place Group names from here to see a list of Places included in the Place Groups. Alternatively, you can go back to the main Places tab, search for the location in question, and view the Place Groups that are associated with the Place. If a Place is mistakenly not included in the Place Groups for the Mission, you can always add the Place to the Place Group. If a Place is added to a Place Group even after the Mission is Started, it will update instantly on a user's device.

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