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Where do I see an overview of all data collected for my company over time?

Across all of our initiatives, how much data are we collecting? What are the most active regions or people over the last thirty days? The Home page is intended to answer these questions, giving you a view of all of the activity across the application.

Filter on Specified Date Ranges

The date range filter in the upper righthand corner controls how much data you see. Choose one of the date range options to either expand or reduce the data in the map, charts, and tables to the desired date range.

Statistics and Mapping - The Overview Tab

Active Users Statistic

Active users include people with mission responses during the time period defined by the date filter.

Task Responses Statistic

The total number of task responses is a good indicator of the overall quantity of data points collected. Missions can be long or short, but task responses normalize that information and give a good indication of activity.

Places Visited Statistic

Lastly, the Places Visited statistic shows the total number of accounts or locations visited as an aggregate across all of the live missions.

Map of Activity

The map plots all the applicable mission responses and gives a visual representation of activity. The plotted points on the map are related to the place information, not necessarily the location of the user.

All Cross-Mission Activity - The Mission Responses Tab

The Home page is the easiest place to see all the mission responses coming into your dashboard, regardless of the mission. At the bottom of the Home page, you'll see the ten most recent responses. But within the Mission Responses tab (shown below), you can see all responses submitted across your missions.


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