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GSC Glossary

A quick reference guide for terms used within GoSpotCheck:

Admin: An Admin user has access to view, create and edit all aspects of the GoSpotCheck web dashboard as well as the mobile app.

Manager:  A person with manager access to GoSpotCheck has limited access to the web dashboard. They can either have read-only access to specific data or the ability to edit specific missions, teams and place groups. They also have access to the mobile app.

Missions: A set of tasks that will be completed by a specific group of users and/or locations. You can think of a mission as being similar to a survey or audit. Admins create missions on the web dashboard and users complete mission responses in the mobile app. Missions are deployed to teams and place groups.

Mission Response: A 'mission response' consists of the data collected for a mission from a specific user at a specific location. Mission responses can be filtered and downloaded either individually or in batch. A mission can have an unlimited number of mission responses. However, you can limit the number of mission responses per user and/or per location if you wish. This is set up in the 'Advanced Features' section while creating a mission.

Mobile App(s)The GoSpotCheck mobile app is what your company members use to complete missions on their mobile devices. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free in the App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users). If you have users on Windows devices, they can use our web form version of the app.

MyGSC (Webform): The GoSpotCheck web form ( is available on standard web browsers for users that cannot access the Web App (ex: Windows users), or for other specific use-cases such as users that need to complete missions at places that are more than 25 miles away from their current location.

PeopleThe term 'people' refers to the users that are part of GoSpotCheck for your company. People can be further organized into customized teams in order to easily assign different missions as needed. People can be assigned to as many teams as necessary.

PlacesA place in GoSpotCheck is an individual account, store, location, etc. that has been added to your company's GSC database. All accounts that you would like missions completed at need to be entered into the database as a place.

Place GroupsA logical grouping of Places. Place Groups can help organize Places by region, retailer, management responsibility, or anything else that is meaningful for you. 

Teams: A group of users.

Tasks: A Task is a question in a GoSpotCheck mission that allows you to collect data. There are 10 different types of tasks that you can include in a mission, as well as conditional tasks. A mission can have as many tasks as necessary. Tasks can be organized into sections, which we recommend for particularly long and/or complex missions in order to simplify the work flow for your field users, as well as for reporting purposes.

Users: Users are the people in your company that will be using the GoSpotCheck mobile app to complete mission responses.

Web DashboardThe web dashboard is where your company administrators can create missions, view mission responses and rolled up data, and manage people and places.

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