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Saved Places

There are many ways to use Saved Places - it's up to you! Tap the Star icon on any Place to Save it to your list for quick access. Use the Map view to visualize your day's route, or get a picture of your territory. Save and un-Save Places from anywhere in the app! 



Saved Places


Instead of searching for the same places over and over again, you can now Save Places that you visit frequently, and access them from the Home Screen.


Tap the Star icon on the Place Details page or Mission Places page to Save that Place (tap again to Un-Save). On the Home Screen, you can swipe through and select from your Saved Places, or tap View All to see a full list of Saved Places. You can also see your Saved Places plotted geographically by tapping the Map tab.


The Saved Places list is ordered by distance from your current location, but you can tap the filter icon in the top right to sort A-Z or Z-A, or filter the list by Place Properties. 

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