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Mission List

On the Mobile Home Screen, we've provided an alternate way to complete mission responses. Instead of selecting the Place first, and then the Mission, you can now select the Mission first, and then the Place. 


Missions Screen


On the Missions screen, you'll find a list of all Missions that are currently deployed to Teams that you are a part of.


Missions are grouped by their current availability, and then listed in Alphabetical Order. Tap the sort icon to reverse the order and find the mission you want, more quickly.


Mission Place List


After selecting the Mission you'd like to complete, you're taken to the Mission Place List. This view lists all of the places within a 25 mile radius of your current location, where this Mission is available for you to complete. Places that appear in this list follow the same logic as those that appear in your Choose a Place List (Up to 200 Places within a 25 mile radius, UAPs, etc). You can also filter out any Missions that are not currently available to complete (due to their Mission Availability Settings) by tapping Available. 


By default, Places are ordered by their distance away from your current location, but you can tap the filter icon to sort A-Z or Z-A, and filter further by Place Properties.


By default, the Mission Place List presents places in a list view, but you can view places plotted geographically by tapping the Map tab.


Tap the Place where you'd like to complete the Mission to access the Mission. 




Start Mission


On the Start Mission page, preview the tasks within the Mission. When you're ready, tap Start to begin the your Mission Response.


After submitting your Mission Response, you're taken back to the Missions screen.

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