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Getting Started with the GoSpotCheck Salesforce Managed Package

The Salesforce Synchronization Application is a powerful feature designed to enhance productivity and reduce inefficiencies.


This feature makes it possible for GoSpotCheck Admins to use Salesforce Accounts and Users as the source of truth for GoSpotCheck Places, Place Groups, Users, Teams, and UAPs. It also allows enables syncing of Mission or Task responses from GoSpotCheck back to Salesforce for referential or reporting uses.

Who Can Use This Feature

  • This features requires configuration by your company's Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Managed Package Capabilities

The sync application can:

  • Create new Places, Place Groups, Users, Teams, and UAPs in GoSpotCheck
  • Update Places, Place Groups, Users, Teams, and UAPs in GoSpotCheck
  • Disable Places and Users in GoSpotCheck
  • Update/Maintain Place or User Properties
  • Add/Remove Places from Place Groups or Users from Teams in GoSpotCheck
  • Delete Place Groups, Teams, and UAPs in GoSpotCheck
  • Create Salesforce Activities on an Account based on completed GoSpotCheck Missions at a given Place.
  • Populate a Salesforce Account field based on a completed Task Response in GoSpotCheck at a given Place.

Admins can specify which Salesforce Accounts and Users to sync with GoSpotCheck and easily set up mappings between fields in Salesforce to the relevant fields in GoSpotCheck.

Changes made in Salesforce will appear in the GoSpotCheck web app within minutes. Any changes made directly in GoSpotCheck will be overwritten by the sync application.


Install and Configuration

To get started using the Salesforce Managed Package, contact your Salesforce Administrator and follow these Instructions.

User Guide

After installing the Salesforced Managed Package, explore our User Guide for a more comprehensive understanding of how the integration works.

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