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Introducing the New Mission Builder

Here's a rundown of the features and enhancements that are currently available in the New Mission Builder, available April 19, 2023. 

Three Panel Layout

View everything at-a-glance with a refreshed, three-panel display that allows you to see your Mission from both a high-level and detailed perspective with fewer clicks. On the left, you’ll find the new and improved task bank—featuring all the tasks you know and love. The center panel is where you’ll build your Mission and edit its contents, and on the right, you can adjust specific mission or task-level configurations. 

Why we love it: The new layout lets admins view everything in one place, instead of clicking back and forth to edit missions. Less clicking, less searching, more time saved.   

Drag and Drop Mission Building

Easily add tasks to your Mission by either clicking “Add Component” in the center panel or by dragging and dropping from the left panel task bank. As you continue to add tasks, they can be easily reordered and rearranged. Instead of every new task appearing at the bottom of your Mission, it now appears where you want it, including conditional logic tasks that can be easily nested under the parent task. Mission building has never been so easy. 

Why we love it: With drag-and-drop elements, users have a more intuitive and visual way to build Missions, and it’s faster than ever before. Enjoy more control, ease, and freedom when adding and reordering tasks. 

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions will allow admins to do the following across multiple sections/tasks at once:

  • Bulk Delete
  • Bulk Copy
  • Bulk Reorder
  • Bulk Apply Task Configurations

Why we love it: Bulk actions save time and create greater efficiency when building a Mission. 

Change Task Types on Existing Tasks

Admins can now update the task type on an existing task for supported task types.

Supported task types are:

  • Multiple Choice: can be changed to Multiple Select or Yes/No
  • Multiple Select: can be changed to Multiple Choice
  • Yes/No: can be changed to Multiple Choice

Why we love it: Admins save time by no longer needing to replace existing tasks with a new task while being mindful of any task-level configurations. With two clicks, an existing task can be updated to a new task type, while maintaining any applicable task-level configurations. 

Updated Navigation

Both advanced settings and notifications have moved to a new tab called 'Settings' when building the Mission. Changes to notifications can still be made without re-deploying the Mission. 

Why we love it: Optional settings that are available to make when deploying a Mission are now available on the same tab. Enjoy greater ease of use with this new navigation. 

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