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What are mission components?




What are mission components? 

Components are the building blocks of a GoSpotCheck (MarketX) mission. A mission is made up of two types of components: tasks and sections. Tasks dictate what a user does in the field.  Sections combine tasks into structured groupings that help users complete tasks in a logical order. 


GoSpotcheck (MarketX) mission component types:



Every GoSpotCheck (MarketX) mission is made up of a series of tasks. Tasks are commonly used to ask questions or provide directives. While their use cases are broad, tasks are the forum through which your team gains critical field data.  


In the Mission Builder, tasks are grouped as components under five categories: Choices, Text and Numbers, Multimedia, Date, and Other.    


Read more on task types here.


The section component provides a way to group a series of tasks together.  When a user completes a mission, they submit responses to various tasks by section. These groupings can help ensure a user completes tasks in an efficient, logical order. 


As an example, the mission pictured below has two sections: one for ‘Displays’ and one for ‘Shelves’. All tasks pertaining to a given section are grouped together in both the Mission Builder and on the mobile device for users completing the mission. 

Sections in the Mission Builder

Sections as they appear to users on a mobile device

Sections are not required to publish a mission.  While sections are designed to group similar tasks together, users can choose to complete tasks and sections in any order. 


Read more about how to create sections here

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