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Price Task




What is a price task?

Create a price task

Configure a price task

Add conditional tasks


What is a price task? 

A price task provides the respondent with the ability to enter a price. This task type is ideal for situations where an expected response value should be formatted as currency.

Price task in the Mission Builder


Price task on a mobile device


Create a price task

There are three ways to create a price task in the Mission Builder


  1. Add component to an empty mission builder canvas
  • Select ‘Add Component’. This button is only available when adding the first task to a new mission or section.



  • Pick Price from the components list


  1. Drag and drop Price from the components panel onto the mission builder canvas. This can be done on an empty canvas or at any stage of mission building.  


  1. Click the ‘+’ sign above or below any existing task and choose Price from the components list



Configure a price task

  • Task title: Title your newly created task in a way that clearly indicates a numeric response value is expected.  



  • Task description: If the task requires specific instruction or further information, add a brief task description to help the user interpret the assignment. 



  • Make task optional: Newly created tasks default to being required, meaning the user must submit a response. Tasks can be changed to optional by checking the This task is optional box in the task configuration panel. 

  • Currency: Price tasks include the ability to set a default currency. To so do, select the applicable currency from the Currency dropdown in the task configuration panel. 



Add conditional tasks

At this time, conditional logic cannot be added to a price task. 


Read more on conditional logic here

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