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User Notifications: Mobile

If your company Admins have enabled this functionality, you can receive Notifications about Missions directly within the GoSpotCheck app on your mobile device. This will ensure that you’re receiving important updates from your organization right away, so you always have the latest detail about your Missions, even when you’re in the field.

Notifications can be used to alert you when:
  • A new Mission starts
  • A Mission is ending soon (in 72 hours)
  • A Mission has ended
  • An in-progress Mission response is expiring soon (in 72 hours)
  • You need additional info on the Mission itself (the “why” or other details behind the Mission)


There are two types of Notifications:
  1. In-App Notifications: These will appear in the app on the main menu screen under Notifications. Custom messaging from Admins is available here, and messages will be available offline once they've been received on your device.
  2. Push Notifications: These are sent directly to your device and will show up on the lock screen, in the Notification Center, or as a badge on an app icon. You must allow GoSpotCheck to send them to you, and the app must be running in order to see them. Once dismissed, these messages cannot be retrieved.


In-App Notifications

You don’t need to enable Notifications on your device to receive In-App Notifications. If your Admin turns these on for your Mission, you’ll see them in the mobile app. They will be marked by a red dot in the main menu hamburger icon.

To view Notifications:

  1. Tap on the menu icon. If you have a Notification, a red dot will appear next to the Notifications label. The number inside this dot indicates the number of new messages available to you. Tap on the Notifications label. Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_9.56.30_AM.png
  2.  On this screen, any unread messages will be marked with a blue dot.Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_10.00.19_AM.pngTIP: Each message will indicate the type of Notification (e.g., STARTED for a started Mission, MISSION ENDED for an ending Mission, etc.), the Mission Name, and the Date.
  3. Tap on the message to view the message body. These Notifications may contain text directly from your organization, with instructions relevant to your Team and your Mission. They will notify you when Missions are starting or ending, and might also contain custom text regarding the purpose of the Mission, scoring, KPIs, etc. – anything you need to know to collect data more effectively!
  4. Tap the Notifications arrow in the top left to return to the Notifications list view.Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_10.14.04_AM.pngTIP: You can also tap the Choose a Place button at the bottom of the screen to go directly to the Choose a Place screen from the Notification screen.
  5. To delete a message, swipe left on the list item. You can also tap Edit, then select messages to Mark as Read or Delete. To leave the Edit screen, click Cancel.
  6. To refresh your Notifications, pull down on the list.

    NOTE: Notifications are tied to the company you’re logged into at the time, so if you have multiple company memberships, you’ll need to toggle between companies to see the correct Notifications. If you toggle to a company that doesn’t have Notifications enabled, the Notifications menu will disappear.

Push Notifications

Push Notification is a second notification type available. To enable Push Notifications for iOS users, click Yes, Notify Me and then Allow on your device’s interface when the Get Notified screen appears in the app.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-19_at_4.54.12_PM.pngYou will not see Push Notifications unless both of the following conditions are met:

  1. You must allow GoSpotCheck to send you Notifications by following the steps above. If permission is not granted, you will not see these notifications.
  2. GoSpotCheck must be running in the background for these notifications to appear. If the app is force closed, you will not see these notifications. 

Push Notifications will appear on your device as banners or as badge icons, depending on your device. Banner Notifications are only visible one time and will not include any custom text from your organization; they will just let you know that you have Notifications available in the app. On iPhones and iPads, the badge icon will indicate your number of unread messages.


Taking action on these Push Notifications will take you to the GoSpotCheck app, where you can view and edit the in-app Notifications as described above.

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