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User Notifications: Web Dashboard

GoSpotCheck now includes Notifications, a feature that will enable your field reps to minimize the amount of time it takes to receive important updates regarding your key initiatives, and maximize the focus toward what’s most crucial to you in the moment.  There is no longer a need to rely on internal e-mails within your organization for communicating with field reps about Missions. You can alert them from directly within GoSpotCheck! 

Our in-app Notification Center, along with Push Notifications on your users’ devices, is a great way for your reps to receive timely and detailed information about the Missions they’re completing in the field, so they can take action when and how it’s most valuable to you.

Use Notifications to alert your Users when:
  • A new Mission starts
  • A Mission is ending soon (in 72 hours)
  • A Mission has ended
  • An in-progress Mission Response is about to expire (in 72 hours)

Enabling Notifications

To enable Notifications for a mission, proceed as you normally would when starting or scheduling a Mission. For more detail on these steps, see our articles about Creating and Scheduling Missions.


Click the green Continue button to start or schedule the mission. If Notifications are enabled for your organization, you’ll then see a screen asking if you’d like to Notify your Users.

If you don’t see the option to send Notifications when you start a Mission, please visit your Company Settings page and turn on "Enable Mobile App Notifications" under Mobile Settings.
Notifications might just be a good fit for you if:
  • You deploy Missions primarily around Teams rather than Place Groups
  • You're looking for an automatic way to alert Users when Missions are starting


Notifications may not be quite right for you yet if:

  • You deploy Missions primarily around Place Groups rather than Teams
  • You want to send personalized messages to individual users


Notifications will default to Off. If you want your Users to receive a Notification, you can toggle to turn them On by clicking the On button as shown above. If Notifications are left Off, the In-App Message area will appear in gray.


If you select On for Notifications, you have the option to write an in-app message to your users with any detail they may need: Mission timeline, number of accounts they must visit, KPIs for scoring, etc. Whatever matters most to you and your reps!


You can expand the text box by clicking and dragging on the lower right corner to increase your field of view when typing. There is no set character limit, so include as much information as you and your Users need! When you’re happy with your custom message, click the green Start Mission button to launch the Mission. Users will receive an in-app Notification immediately, or when the Mission starts on its scheduled date.

Note that the custom message you create during this step will appear to users every time they receive a Notification: Mission Started, Mission Ending Soon, Mission Response Expiring Soon and Mission Ended.
Notifications will be sent to the entire Team a Mission is deployed to, even if it’s the All Team. Talk to your CSM about whether Notifications will work for your organization, especially if many of your Missions are deployed to the All Team. This feature will not deploy targeted messages to individual Users, just general messaging to Teams.
Notifications cannot be retroactively enabled for Missions that are currently in progress. However, if you create a new version of a Mission, Notifications will be sent to everyone on the new version of the Mission.

For more on the in-app experience of Notifications, read this article on User Notifications in Mobile.

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