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Configure Mission Notifications

Mission Notifications helps keep your team up to date on important updates regarding your key initiatives, and maximize the focus toward what’s most crucial to you in the moment.  There is no longer a need to rely on internal e-mails within your organization for communicating with field reps about Missions. You can alert them from directly within GoSpotCheck! 

Use Notifications to alert your Users when:
  • A new Mission starts
  • A Mission is ending soon (in 72 hours)
  • A Mission has ended
  • An in-progress Mission Response is about to expire (in 72 hours)

Learn more about how notifications appear to mobile app users HERE.

Enabling Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Notify tab on the Mission Builder.
  2. Toggle the Mobile NotificationsOn or Off to send status notifications for the Mission to People assigned to this Mission.
  3. Optionally, you can include a Notification Message that will appear to your users.
    Many customers use this area to highlight the Mission objective, timeline, place attainment goals or KPIs for scoring, etc. Whatever matters most to you and your reps!
    NOTE: The custom message you create during this step will appear to users every time they receive a notification for this Mission.
  4. Click Save Mission to continue in the Mission Builder without deploying the Mission OR click Deploy to finalize your edits.

Once Deployed, users will receive an in-app Notification immediately, or when the Mission starts on its scheduled date

Who Receives Mission Notifications

Notifications will be sent to any user on the Team (or Teams) the Mission is deployed to. If the Mission is deployed using User Assigned Places, notifications are only sent to users who are assigned at least one place that is included in the Place Groups associated with the Mission.


Notifications might just be a good fit for you if:
  • You deploy Missions primarily around Teams rather than Place Groups
  • You're looking for an automatic way to alert Users when Missions are starting

Notifications may not be quite right for you yet if:

  • You deploy Missions primarily around Place Groups rather than Teams
  • You want to send personalized messages to individual users


If you don’t see the option to send Notifications when you start a Mission, please visit your Company Settings page and turn on "Enable Mobile App Notifications" under Mobile Settings.

Notifications cannot be retroactively enabled for Missions that are currently in progress. However, if you create a new version of a Mission, Notifications will be sent to everyone on the new version of the Mission.

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