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Contact Support

The Contact Support section is the best way to get in touch with our Support team when you are encountering issues in the field or have questions about GoSpotCheck functionality. Can’t find a Place? Unable to Submit a Mission? Questions about creating a Mission on our Dashboard? Reach out to one of our friendly Support Team members!

Support Staff Hours

Our support team is here for you 7 days a week, during the following hours (Mountain Time):


6am-6pm MT

Saturdays & Sundays

10-4pm MT


Our hours may be limited on certain US Holidays, but we will always be monitoring for urgent issues.

Contact Support from the App

  1. Tap the Menu Button
  2. Tap Contact Support
  3. Select your preferred method of contact

By selecting Contact Support, a pop up option appears, giving you the choice to reach out via email, phone, submit your Device Logs or view the Help Center.

  • When you select the “Email” option, your device’s default email address will populate as the requester/sender. Please complete the question template that pops up when using this selection with as much detail as possible. This helps us to troubleshoot your question with the greatest accuracy.

    For the fastest and most accurate troubleshooting, please fill out our email question template, including:
    1. The Place Name
    2. The Place Address
    3. The Mission Name
    4. Any Screenshots (as applicable)

    Text Us

    This option is the fastest way to connect with GoSpotCheck. Hate back and forth emails or talking on the phone? No problem! Texting our Support Team will immediately connect you with one of our associates to quickly resolve issues you may be having in the field.

    Our Text Line is +1-720-644-4273, and our hours are 8am-4pm MT, Monday-Friday.

    Call Us

    Give us a call for any of your more complicated issues you experience out in the field.



    Toll-Free *US Only


    Submit Device Logs

    In the event that your app is experiencing technical difficulties, you may be requested by our Support Team to submit your Device’s Log. You can do so through the option “Submit Device Logs”. When you select this option, an email template will be generated with your device’s default email address as the requester/sender. This email will include a set of device logs that register the recent activity of the GoSpotCheck app on your specific device, which will allow our Technical Support Team to have deeper insight into what may be happening on your device's GSC app in particular. You can type in more details of what you are experiencing into the body of the email if you'd like before tapping the "Send" button.

    Visit Help Center

    Our Help Center is an extremely helpful resource that can be used to troubleshoot an issue or simply learn more about GoSpotCheck. You can access our Help Center from your app by tapping on the last option.


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