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Navigating Photo Album

Photo Album allows you to view and export all photos taken with the GoSpotCheck app. Use filters such as Account Type, Mission Name, User or Date to narrow down results and then export photos into a customized PDF or PowerPoint. 

Photo Album is available as an add-on to GoSpotCheck. If you are an Admin interested in learning more about using Photo Album for your account, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information and pricing.

Accessing Photo Album

In the GoSpotCheck Dashboard, click the User Dropdown Menu and select Go to Photo Viewer


Alternatively, visit and log in using your GoSpotCheck credentials.

Navigating Photo Album


  1. The date and time at the top of the page will reflect the last time Photo Album was synced with Photos from Mission Responses. Photo Album updates occur every two hours.
  2. Using filters, you can narrow down the number of photos that display to match specific criteria. For more information on filtering in Photo Album, check out this article
  3. In Photo Album, you can create a customized PDF or PowerPoint with the photos you choose. Clicking All (Up to 500) will select 500 photos starting with the first photo currently displaying and including up to the next consecutive 500 photos. For more information on Exporting photos, take a look at our article on Exporting From Photo Album
  4. You will see associated data displayed on a banner at the bottom of each photo. If you don't want to see this information, select Hide Photo Data at the top of the page. Keep in mind that you will have an opportunity to specify which data fields you would like to include in an export on the Configure Your Export page.
  5. Navigate between pages using the left and right arrows. If you would like to jump to a specific page, type the page number into the white text field and hit enter on your keyboard. 
  6. To get back to the GoSpotCheck Dashboard, click the User Dropdown Menu in the upper right hand corner of your screen and select Go to Dashboard.


Photo Album syncs every two hours, or twelve times a day.
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