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Exporting Photos from Photo Album

Photo Album allows you to customize PDF and PPT exports of photos in GoSpotCheck.  You can also export JPEGs directly into a zipped folder download. This article will walk you through how to select which photos you'd like to download, and choose how you would like them displayed, as either a PDF, PPT or JPEG - because we believe in ALL. THE. OPTIONS.

(And they said you couldn't have your cake and eat it, too. We beg to differ)

Selecting Photos to Export


  1. Select photos individually by clicking on each photo you would like to export. To select multiple, consecutive photos at once, click the first photo in the series, hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click on the last photo in the series of photos to be included. The blue check mark indicates that the photo has been selected.
  2.  You can also Select All (Up to 500). This function selects up to 500 consecutive photos in the results beginning with the first visible photo in the current page results. Note that you can individually select additional photos that exceed the 500 count. 
  3.  The blue text in the upper left hand corner will reflect the number of photos that have been selected to export. 
  4.  When you have made all of your selections, click Export.

Configure Your Export

The BIG MOMENT has arrived and you must decide - PDFPPT or JPEG?

(The chocolate/vanilla/swirl debate ain't got nothing on this one)


  1. Select your preferred export format (PDFPPT or JPEG). 
  2. Title the cover page of the export (You will not be able to add a title for JPEG exports).
  3. Choose if you would like one or four photos to display per page in the PDF export, or one, two, or three photos per slide in the PPT export.
  4. Select the data text that you would like included on each image (If you are exporting a JPEG file, you will not have the ability to include data text.  Each image will download into a zipped folder and will be named using the following format: CustomPlaceID-PlaceName-UserName-YYYY-MM-DD-Index). For more information on photo data, check out this article.
  5. Use the blue Export button in the upper righthand corner of the screen to begin exporting your photos.
  6. To return back to the Photo Album click the Cancel button in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. 

 Downloading Photos - PDF


  1. When your photos have finished exporting, click the download button to download, open and/or save the export. 
  2. To return to Photo Album, click the camera icon in the upper left hand corner. 
  3. To return to the GoSpotCheck Dashboard or Sign Out, click on the drop down to the right of your email address. 

Downloading Photos - PPT

  1. Your PPT will download directly onto your computer - after hitting Export, check your downloads folder. 
  2. Your PPT will be fully editable and able to be customized. The slides have been kept very simple so you can easily overlay your own preferred themes and formatting.
  3. To return to the GoSpotCheck Dashboard or Sign Out, click on the drop down to the right of your email address. 

Downloading Photos - JPEG


  1. Your JPEG export will download directly to your computer in a zipped folder, you can access the folder by clicking the download at the bottom of your screen, shown above.
  2. To easily find the right photos in the export, image files will be named as follows: CustomPlaceID-PlaceName-UserName-YYYY-MM-DD-Index.
  3. To return to the GoSpotCheck Dashboard or Sign Out, click on the drop down to the right of your email address. 

Finished Product - PDF


Finished Product - PPT


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