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Preventing Geocoding

The Prevent Geocoding feature allows anyone with Place editing permissions to lock the coordinates on Places as they currently exist. Preventing Geocoding ensures that future changes to the address fields will not change where the Place shows up on the map in GoSpotCheck. 

Every time the address of a Place is saved in GoSpotCheck, it is geocoded to assign specific coordinates to that Place. This determines where the Place will appear in the GoSpotCheck app. In some cases, these coordinates may not precisely reflect the Place's true location (can occur if there are multiple addresses which exist for the same place name, there is a typo in the address saved to GoSpotCheck or because there is a formatting discrepancy between the address recorded in GoSpotCheck and our geo-coordinates provider..

NOTE: Manually entering coordinates in the Latitude and Longitude fields of the Place Edit page always overrides the existing coordinates, even when geocoding is prevented. 

A couple things to consider...
  • Places automatically default to the Enable Geocoding state.
  • Geocoding occurs anytime the following address fields are added or modified: Country, Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code 


Select Places from the main navigation bar and search for the Place. Click the Edit button to the right of the name of the place. 

Click the Prevent Geocoding button on the upper right hand corner of the Edit Place page. If the button is displayed as Enable Geocoding, the coordinates are already locked. 

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