Start a Mission Response

It's time to start filling out MissionsMissions (often called surveys or audits) are a set of tasks for a group of users and places. Missions are the main event of GoSpotCheck.! To do that, you'll have to Choose a PlacePlaces are the accounts and locations your Users will visit to complete their Missions. Places are locations added to your company's database., select a Mission, and tap Start Mission.

  1. In the Mobile App, navigate to the Choose a Place screen.
  2. Tap the location of the Mission you want to complete.
  3. Tap the Mission Tab to view the Missions assigned to this location. Missions will be grouped in the list by status (e.g., In Progress, Available, Upcoming, etc.). See Also: Mission Tab.
  4. Tap the Mission you want to start.
  5. Tap Start Mission.