Complete a Searchable List Task

Do you work with lists of SKUs, items, or products? Chances are you’ll come across a Searchable List or Multi-select Searchable List Task! This TaskA Task is a question in a GoSpotCheck Mission that allows you to collect data. There are 11 different types of tasks that you can include in a Mission, as well as conditional tasks. A mission can have as many tasks as necessary. Tasks can be organized into sections, which we recommend for particularly long and/or complex missions in order to simplify the work flow for your field users, as well as for reporting purposes. allows you to make selections from an extensive list of options. These searchable lists are set up and managed by your Company AdminA person with a role of Admin can access the mobile app and anything and everything else in the dashboard. via the Web Dashboard. You can choose as many items as necessary, or your Company Admin can decide to limit the number of items you can select.