Create & Manage Alerts

Alerts are email messages and Mobile App Notifications that are sent whenever a new Mission ResponseThe data (response) a User submits to a Mission. matches filter criteria. Alerts are UserA person with a role of User is only able to access the mobile app, and has no access to the Web dashboard.-specific. Other Company AdminsA person with a role of Admin can access the mobile app and anything and everything else in the dashboard. will not receive your alerts.

When you save a filter, you have the option to add an alert.

Once you’ve created an alert, you will receive an email whenever a mission response meets the criteria you've set; you will not receive alerts for Mission Responses completed before the filter and alert were created.

TIP: If you want to receive an alert when anyone submits a Mission Response, create and save a Filter based on Team = All. That way, when anyone on the "All" team submits a Mission Response (in other words, anyone in your organization), you can be notified with an alert and/or email.