Understanding the "New Places" Place Group

As your UsersA person with a role of User is only able to access the mobile app, and has no access to the Web dashboard. acquire new accounts and add them as New PlacesPlaces are the accounts and locations your Users will visit to complete their Missions. Places are locations added to your company's database. on the Mobile App, it's important to understand what happens to them once they've been added.

Any Place added on the Mobile App will automatically be added to a Place GroupPlace Groups are logical groupings of Places--perhaps by region, retailer, management responsibility, or anything else that is meaningful for your organization. called New Places. The New Places Place Group can be found in the Web Dashboard. From this page, you can view who added the New Place and at what time and date it was added. You can also view the address that was added for the New Place, the GPS coordinates that were recorded by the device, the map view of the location, and any Mission ResponsesThe data (response) a User submits to a Mission. submitted at this location.

  1. From the Web Dashboard, navigate to Places > Place Groups.
  2. From the Place Groups screen, search for New Places.
  3. If you have User Assigned Places, Place Groups, and/or Properties associated with Places, you will need to update and assign the Places in the New Places Place Group through the Dashboard. See Also: Edit Place Details.