Enable a Disabled Place Group

Once a Place GroupPlace Groups are logical groupings of Places--perhaps by region, retailer, management responsibility, or anything else that is meaningful for your organization. is disabled, you can no longer deploy MissionsMissions (often called surveys or audits) are a set of tasks for a group of users and places. Missions are the main event of GoSpotCheck. to it. However, if a PlacePlaces are the accounts and locations your Users will visit to complete their Missions. Places are locations added to your company's database. has been disabled in error or needs to be re-enabled, you can enable a Place and make it active again.

  1. From the Web Dashboard, select the Places tab > Place Groups.
  2. Under the Place Groups heading, click Disabled Place Groups.
  3. Navigate to the disabled Place Group you want to enable from the list, and click Enable.
  4. Your previously disabled Place Group is now active again and Missions can be deployed to it.