Edit a Place Group

You can remove individual PlacesPlaces are the accounts and locations your Users will visit to complete their Missions. Places are locations added to your company's database. from your Place GroupPlace Groups are logical groupings of Places--perhaps by region, retailer, management responsibility, or anything else that is meaningful for your organization. (due to location closing, contract expiration, duplication Place discovery, etc.), view assigned Missions, export, or disable your Place Group from the edit place group screen. Additionally, you can add Places to your Standard Place Group.

NOTE: Places that have been disabled are NOT deleted from GoSpotCheck. They are removed from the list of currently active places and are not visible in the Mobile App. However, all data collected at places that have been disabled are preserved in the Mission Responses Tab of each Place.

  1. From the Web Dashboard, select the Places tab > Place Groups. A list of your Place Groups appears.
  2. Locate and click on the Place Group you want to edit from the table. See instructions for both StandardStandard Place Groups are groups of places within GoSpotCheck that can include any place in the system, regardless of the properties assigned to the place. These are static and require manual updates. and Smart Place GroupsSmart Place Groups are dynamic groups of places within GoSpotCheck that update automatically based on any combination of place properties you define. Places are included in a Smart Place Group whenever their properties match the ones you’ve defined for the Smart Place Group; places are removed if those properties change. Therefore, Smart Place Groups are ideal if you’re frequently adding new places or modifying place properties and you want your Place Groups to automatically reflect those changes. below.