View Missions Assigned to a Team

To see a list of all MissionsMissions (often called surveys or audits) are a set of tasks for a group of users and places. Missions are the main event of GoSpotCheck. deployed to a TeamA Team is a group of users, typically sharing one or more common characteristics. There are two types of Teams in GSC: Smart and Standard.:

  1. Navigate to the All Teams page.
  2. Click on the Team name.
  3. Click the Actions button and select View assigned missions. By default, you’ll see all the missions that have been deployed to the Team. You can also select different Mission statuses by clicking the navigation links at the top of the screen: Started, Scheduled, Draft, Stopped, Archived and All.
  4. Each table can be sorted and searched by Mission Name.

TIP: The Mission Name appears as a link that will take you to the Mission Info page for Started and Stopped Missions, and the Mission Edit page for Scheduled and Draft Missions. You must unarchive an archived Mission in order to view it.

NOTE: Be sure to select the correct Mission status before you search for a Mission that includes a CatalogCatalogs are lists of Items used in Searchable List tasks (e.g., SKUs, product names, or any other grouping that your Users may need to choose from to complete a task).. If you’re not sure about the status of a Mission, try searching the All view.