User Assigned Places (UAPs)

User Assigned Place is our term for a specific account (Place) that is assigned to a specific person within your company. User Assigned Places are helpful if your UsersA person with a role of User is only able to access the mobile app, and has no access to the Web dashboard. have routes, territories, or set lists of accounts they visit, especially if you want to ensure that the only places they see in the Mobile App are the ones that have been assigned to them.

If you’re interested in using User Assigned Places, first turn on the User Assigned Places toggle in your Company Settings page. Once this feature has been enabled, you will need to choose “Enable user assigned places?” in the Advanced Mission Settings when creating a new Mission. You still need to assign at least one Team and Place Group for each Mission, even if you just assign the “All” Team and the “All” Place Group, but you can also use more targeted Teams and Place Groups to narrow down the people and places who are assigned each mission.