Task Types

Below is a list of all GoSpotCheck TaskA Task is a question in a GoSpotCheck Mission that allows you to collect data. There are 11 different types of tasks that you can include in a Mission, as well as conditional tasks. A mission can have as many tasks as necessary. Tasks can be organized into sections, which we recommend for particularly long and/or complex missions in order to simplify the work flow for your field users, as well as for reporting purposes. types that can be used in MissionsMissions (often called surveys or audits) are a set of tasks for a group of users and places. Missions are the main event of GoSpotCheck. with an example image of the styled reporting tile, as it would appear on the main Mission Overview page.

TIPConditional tasksConditional tasks are follow-up questions based on predefined answer criteria. This logic helps you ask the right questions at the right time and allows your Team on the field to perform Missions with maximum efficiency. are also possible when used with the Multiple Choice task, Multiple Select task, and Yes/No task.

There are 11 different task types available in GoSpotCheck: