Conditional Tasks

When building a Mission, you can add a Conditional Task after any Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select or Searchable List Task. Conditional tasks are follow-up questions based on predefined answer criteria. This logic helps you ask the right questions at the right time and allows your field team to perform missions with maximum efficiency.

  1. Click the +Add Task button.
  2. Select a Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Yes/No, or Searchable List task type.
  3. NOTE: These task types provide results that are quantified by you, and therefore, you are able to plan "conditional questions" based on a user's response. One of the most common ways to add conditional questions is to begin with a Yes/No Task type. That way, you can ask conditional questions based on whether a user responds Yes or No.

  4. In the first field that appears, enter the question you want to ask. In this example, we've selected a Yes/No task type, so we are asking a question that can be answered with either a Yes or No response (in this example, Is Brand X on display?).
  5. Click the Add Conditional button to create a new child question based on the User's response to the parent question.
  6. Select the task type you desire from the grid that appears. You could ask, for example:

    How many are on display? (count task)

    Where was this brand on display? (multiple choice/multiple select task)

    How much did it cost? (price task)

    Condition of display location? (short-answer task)

  7. In the field that appears, enter the question you want to ask. Notice that the question number is 1.1 (implying it is a conditional question on question 1).
  8. Click the dropdown for Shown when answering on its parent task to indicate when the conditional question should to be asked. 
  9. Add additional conditional questions by repeating above steps.