Share an Individual Mission Response

You can share an individual Mission ResponseThe data (response) a User submits to a Mission. with others by emailing a URL that takes them directly to the response.

  1. From the Mission Overview page, navigate to the Mission you want to share the response for.
  2. Open the Mission.
  3. Click on the Mission Responses tab.
  4. Click on the row for the response you want to view.
  5. A Mission Response dialog box will appear. Click on the blue Share arrow to generate a shareable customer URL for the individual Mission Response.
  6. The unique URL will appear in a box below the Share button. This URL can be shared with anyone, whether or not they have a GoSpotCheck account, and displays all details associated with the individual mission response.
  7. When you want to discontinue sharing the mission response, you can click the Stop Sharing button.

TIP: Curious about the other buttons to the left of Share? Click here to learn about using the PDF button to download a PDF. Use the Pictures button to download all pictures for this task.