Your Homepage

When you click the GoSpotCheck icon to the left of your company name in the Navigation Bar, you are brought to your organization's GSC Homepage. This Homepage consists of the Overview and Mission Responses tabs.

The Overview Tab

The Overview tab of the Web Dashboard provides a snapshot of the number of UsersA person with a role of User is only able to access the mobile app, and has no access to the Web dashboard. currently active on the account, the number of mission responses that have been collected, and the number of PlacesPlaces are the accounts and locations your Users will visit to complete their Missions. Places are locations added to your company's database. visited throughout the company’s various locations.

  • Active Users—includes people with mission responses during the time period defined by the date filter.

  • Mission Responses—The total number of mission responses is a good indicator of the overall quantity of data points collected. Missions can be long or short, but task responses normalize that information and give a good indication of activity.
  • Places Visited—this statistic displays the total number of accounts or locations visited as an aggregate across all of your organization's live Missions. The Places Visited information is accompanied by a street map of the area, which can be viewed as either a graphical or satellite map. This view can be sorted by time frame using the dropdown in the right-hand corner.
  • Activity Map—plots all the applicable mission responses and gives a visual representation of activity. The plotted points on the map are related to the place information, not necessarily the location of the user. The colored "heat" icons with numbers on the map show levels of activity in a region. Red is highest usage, yellow is medium, and blue is less usage. You can drill into a region by clicking on a "heat" icon until you get to an individual mission responses pin.

The Mission Responses Tab

This tab provides a visual overview of data on Mission ResponsesThe data (response) a User submits to a Mission. across all MissionsMissions (often called surveys or audits) are a set of tasks for a group of users and places. Missions are the main event of GoSpotCheck. over time, including the 10 most recent Incoming Mission Responses.

From the table of Mission Responses across all Missions, you can sort Mission Responses by response ID, User, Place ID, Place Name, Distance and Completed At time.

Additionally, you can edit Mission Responses using the Edit button, or export your mission responses by CSV or XLSX.